The Love of my life.

For years I have had a question of which is greater, to love or be loved.  Today the question came to the front of my mind while I was working.  I thought about it and realized three truths.  You can be loved and never know it.  When you love someone you engage and love back .  But the third most important part that matters the most is when the person who loves you, and you engage and realize you love them back, but then you realize that person loves and is obedient to Jesus Christ first and even more.  That means in the end you will both be in heaven forever with no regrets and both will have Jesus Christ forever and both will get to be together forever, whenever, where ever.  

  My picture of God the Father is correct as of 2013.  His love changed all the love in my life.  True love is unselfish.  So beautiful.  True love always wants what pleases Him.  XOXOXO

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