NOT Knowing

“No one knows the Son except the Father” Matthew 11:27

I wrongly thought I had to know so much more than I can even possibly know.  I LOVE my William MacDonald’s devotional “One Day at a Time”  On May 30th He wrote about the deep mystery of the Person Of our Lord Jesus Christ and the combo of His deity and full humanity.  I could retype on here all he wrote about it, but He said, basically and I paraphrase that except for what scripture tells us, it is folly for us to try to figure out any more that what the Holy Spirit allows us to know.   Often the Dr. will ask a question about God or something about Him and then answer with an, I don’t know.  I love his honesty and I love the reality that if the Dr. does not know it and William Mac does not know it that we sure as heaven earth and hell, this side of heaven are not going to know it.  Freedom from the overwhelming feeling that I have to know an understand that which is still a mystery.

  I know this, God the Father, Son and Spirit LOVE those of us who belong to Him, they want us to live holy lives in obedience and live for the life that is coming no matter what happens b4 this short life is over.   Freedom, relief and thankfulness for that.  Reminds me of the Dr’s words again,   “Eternal Perspective, Peaceful Spirit, Personal Integrity”    Soooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to our eternity.  When this life overwhelms me I fast forwarded to what I do know, all the things that will not be anymore and our forever with HIM.  So thankful for truth.  Priceless! XOXOXO

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