Quietness vs Really LOUD Music

  • I love the quiet of early mornings.   I asked God some time ago if it mattered to Him that I pray specifically early in the morning to wake me up to do so.  This morning it was 2:30 am.  I am overwhelmed by the horror of all that is wrong in this world and can’t even begin to know where to start to pray for it all.  I read in William MacDonald’s “One Day at a Time” the Lords Prayer. I have prayed that ever since. If you think about what it says it covers EVERYTHING.  So I pray that prayer not mechanically but earnestly and leave it all with God.  I beg God with confidence, for my children and grandchildren’s lives, and for our Pastor no matter where he is, here or somewhere else on this planet. I learned from the prayer of the leper how to pray.  I always ask God if He is willing to make me clean as, until eternity, I am a sinner, but how much  I do not want to willfully sin.  So early early is for prayer and then I go back to sleep and when I wake up the second time it is to enjoy being alone in quietness, which is literally a feeling only found in the quietness of early mornings.  Sometimes on my days off, my second wake up will be after Ed is up as he loves early mornings and  watching the sun rise.   Sometimes I get up first. Just depends. 🙂
  •  When the rest of the world is awake, after breakfast,  I need to work out and that is when I  NEED NOISE to counter the mundane act of working out.  I work out best if I have music, loud and a great beat as it numbs the repetition.  But I am thankful for that point when the feel good “juices” shoot through my muscles and my body thanks me for bringing relief to its tightness.  I know now completely that the wreck was part of my Romans 8:28.  As horrible as it was,  without it, the path I was headed down was wrong and the horror would have been worse and that would take volumes to write about it  and knowing God knows it all and way beyond what I know, I don’t even have to go there. So all all that to say, bring on the music, and thank God for Ed finding the Total Gym and its effectiveness to make a body feel good and to all the music artist who recorded good music that I use, to cut through the act, of working out.   Even writing about it is boring. LOL My son bought me a CD for Moms Day entitled Citizen.  I am currently using song number 4 entitled, “Made Alive”  How appropriate. I replay it over and over until I am done.    Again I am forever totally entirely  indebted to God for life and all the good in it and all the seemingly bad that He is bringing good out of.    XOXOXO

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