Words vs Body Language

I was thinking this morning about words. Sunday the Dr. talked about Jesus stopping the storm on the Sea of G. with just His words.  I thought about  how He will destroy the armies of the world with just His word again in the end.  How STRONG He is, All powerful, ALL Knowing, ALL present, Yet He is so gentle, kind, full of love, total compassion, total forgiveness for our sin past present and future and He does not even need physical strength, just His word and the wind and seas obey Him.  What a picture for us that  obedience is so perfect, best and right always and for HIM and for us, the  motivation is love.  LOVE is the why for it all. What He allows us to know about Himself and the love He lets us and wants us to have for Him.   My favorite way is hearing the Dr. talk about Him. The Dr. loves HIm and makes Him and what He is like so real just from his words in his preaching.  AMAZING He wants our love.  

Then I was thinking about body language.  How much we say without ever saying a word.   When words cannot be spoken, the body language says more than words could ever say.  Example, The Cross.  I love body language.  Sometimes it is all we have. XOXOXO

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