My brother

My brother came through today on his way home for the weekend.  We sat in the park by where I work and visited while he ate some food.  The first thing he said to me was, “You have peace”   He told me, he has known me all his life and it is like he does not have a sister anymore I am so different and again he told me “You are peaceful”    We had less than an hour to visit so I just told him it is God.  How do you explain trust and love, being loved and loving.  It is as God says, the greatest of these is love.  There is no where, anywhere in any part of me that doubts God the Fathers love for me.  Knowing that absolute unchanging truth inside gives me total peace inside and out.   

  My brother is peaceful too.  We grew up in hell and now we have peace and I am his only sister.  I would not trade him for all the other best brothers in the world.  His understanding and wisdom are God given.  God is a father to both of us as HE says in HIS WORD, I will be a father to the fatherless.  I wish I could record our conversations, mostly him talking and me listening.  Treasures.  XOXOXO

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