June 8th, 1975 vs June 8th, 2014

Thirty nine years ago today, on Sunday afternoon, June 8th, 1975,   two of my brothers and I and three friends were in a car wreck.  Way to much to talk or write about it all but two wonderful things now 39 years later.   I now know that it was and is part of my Romans 8:28 for this life. For whatever reason in September last year a friend who is a licensed nutritional instructor told me how to change my diet and stop my body pain and my getting sick which all started after the wreck.  What RELIEF to quietly be well, not hurt so insanely and to feel good.  So much good came into my life last year spiritually and physically.  I read a quote  that God screams to us in our pain.  I do not think God ever screams.  He uses pain to do the screaming.  I do not know, if my being able to believe, that God the Father loves me, without my switch shutting off ,for protection, from the pain, was the trigger to me being set free from pain and sickness. God knows and  they happened in the same year.  Stopped hurting, able to believe and know in all of me HE loves me.  

  I love that God knows everything, reason, motive, fact, thought, past present and future and I completely totally entirely forever past present and future belong to Him and He wants me and loves me and wants me to love Him.  I love in this life when I understand and find out more about Him and think, that forever in eternity we will keep learning, understanding more continually and never ever stop as He is limitless for us learn about.  

  I was thinking also today after listening to the Dr. talk about Him in church that along with the horror and intense suffering in hell there will be absolutely NO love and No knowing Him.  Total deepest void and emptiness and love does not exist where Hell is.

  I loved the Dr’s sermon today.  I know two girls, both on my fb page who have in the past cut themselves.  I want to repost the Dr’s sermon in hopes they will listen to it but for now I do not want to get on fb.  The Dr’s sermon reminded me of four events growing up, two where I was actually there and two I heard about that sent chills up my spine, and one here since moving to MT. of demon possession.  For the horror of all five  stories, I am thankful for two things.  God protected my brothers and I from the evil and it opened my eyes to the lies people believe about their loved ones speaking to them from the grave.  I have known since that night in Durham that demons pretend and can appear and sound like anyone and anything and I am glad they will spend eternity in the abyss and that our Lord Jesus Christ is all powerful over everyone and everything and He loves me, wants me and nothing will ever happen to me that He does not allow.  XOXOXO

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