IV of Truth

  • I have wished for some time that there was a way for us to put an IV into the Dr’s brain and into our brain and take all that he knows about God and the Bible and transfer it into our brains.  No such reality of course.  This class on world view evangelism…It is all the  truth the Dr. teaches about God just all compiled into one class.  Last night writing reading and soaking this in reminded me of how much I wished I could have an IV from the Dr’s brain to my brain and now I have it in the only way possible.  Reminded me of when I woke up from the coma I was in in the hospital and the picture in my mind of seeing the IV and tube coming down from the IV bottle.  I did not know what had happened or where I was but knew I was in a hospital and alive. What I thought was so horrible back then brought me to where I am now and  now I am getting an IV of truth that I want and it is beautiful knowing what God is trully like, how amazing He is and that all His amazing power, love and purposeful existence and truth, wants me and wants me to know HIM.  XOXOXO

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