All things work together for good.

We cannot go get our green house  this week because it raining and my husband was bite by a Hobo spider three times and it took its tole on him physically.  He is feeling better thanks to several Natural cures God made for us to use. 🙂 Even if we could go it has been raining so much it would not be  conducive  to being out doors for the amount of time it will take to un-bolt it, bring it home and set it back up.  But the girlfriend we bought this from owns a ranch and it sold and she will not get her money from the sale until it closes in August and she needs to rent a place until she gets her money to buy another place.  She cannot find a place anywhere that will let her rent without signing a years lease.  She does not want to be tied to a lease as she wants to buy a place in August.  

  Our daughter and her husband live in a small little town and know everybody. Our daughter’s mother-in-law, a wonderful dear woman has connections since she is the school secretary.  The school has an empty place  for rent.  There is also a job in which they need someone for at the local nursing home and my friend needs to work.  My friend is a believer and knows God orchestrates our lives.  Waiting to see if this will work for her. 

  My daughter-in-law called me this afternoon to see if we could get together tomorrow, for me to teach her more about sewing. Since we can’t go get the green house tomorrow due to rain and Ed not feeling great, we will be here.  I love early mornings. Our daughter-in-law drops Cody off at work at 7 am and wanted to know if she could come out then. I told her YES! and to come out for breakfast and then we will sew.  

  Our daughter and granddaughters just moved in here this last weekend but they took off to spend the week with our other daughter for sister time and cousin time together so the house will be quiet and conducive to learning.  

  Whoever dreamed being a servant would include helping a  friend find a temporary home and teaching a wonderful precious daughter-in-law how to sew.  Am I blessed or just totally completely blessed.  So thankful for all the good God brings into our lives.

  Also, want to find out some answers about  the demonic evil that exists in the invisible  world.  Asked the Dr. today via e-mail if he knew of a book and he told me about one by C. Fred Dickason, entitled, “Angels-Elect and Evil”  Looking forward to reading this very much.

  It has been raining alot alot alot.  I love falling asleep at night to the sound of rain.  I was thinking today about the way it sounds in different parts of our home. On the skylight, on the windows, on the porch and everywhere in between.  I love rain.  I loved the way it use to rain in California.  I love it when it rains here like that.  Intense steady falling rain.  It is so wonderful and we are so thankful for the blessing of rain.  My husband keeps “track” of the weather via a national weather site that pilots use to track the weather.  They predict a wet cold summer.  That makes me smile.  How blessed we are.  

  Ed is improving health wise from these spider bites.  Crazy poison in spider bites.  Won’t know until eternity the purpose of even those, but thankful for life and love.  XOXOXO

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