What goes around comes around and the color brown.

  Years ago a friend’s  neighbors sold their ranch.  It had a house on it that a bunch of college students lived in.  The college students moved out but left most of the furniture.  The owners asked my friend to clean it out and keep any of the furniture she wanted.  She called me and asked if we would help her clean it out and we could take any of the furniture we wanted.  It had some nice stuff. Antiques and modern.  She took a bunch of stuff and I took the kitchen table and matching chairs.  I LOVED its simplicity. Wood table and wood chairs with the backs and legs painted white.  

  When my mother-in-law sold her house she offered my husband her antique oak oval table with chairs. He LOVED all the memories from growing up and wanted the table.  Our daughter-in-law and son needed a table for their new home they bought (4 or 5 years ago) so I gave them the  ranch table and chairs and we adopted my husband’s Mom’s oak table.  It had a huge pedestal base three additions etc etc.  I did not like it but my husbands delight mattered more so I adopted it.  

Fast forward, LOL our son and daughter-in-law  built a built in table in their home and I told her I would love the ranch table back but knew she was going to sell it on E-Bay so I told her I would pay her for what she was selling it for as our son  is in school and money is tight and they do amazing wonderful, buying a home and living on a tight income.  She found some stools to go with their new table,  on Craigs, list here in Bozeman. So I paid for the stools in exchange  for the getting the ranch table back.

  Then my youngest daughter left her husband (Heart breaking story) and got her own place so I gave her the chairs from the ranch table with a different table I was using for an art table.  I stripped down the now returned to me ranch table (that my daughter-in-law had painted blue.)   Crazy table switching.  

My oldest daughter and her husband bought a cool old house that has two dining rooms. So I asked my husband, as it would still be in the family, if we could give her his Mom’s oak dining set for our daughters 1908 home. He said YES.  Yeah!!!!!!!!!  It looks perfect in her cool home and I gave her all the chairs.  I have my ranch table back with various un matching chairs. LOL.

  Now my daughter-who left her husband, who had my ranch table chairs, has moved home and brought the ranch table chairs back.  I now have my favorite ranch table  with their matching chairs.  I lOVE this set.  I told my daughter if she ever needs a table again, I will buy her another as the ranch table and chairs came back to me full circle.  Wood and white and simple.  

SOOOO now that I have this set I am going to paint my house the colors I love instead of what a magazine says is cool or some intense color so my color blind husband can see. My kind wonderful husband does not care what color I paint it anyway. He is unselfish in every way.   I LOVE the color brown accented with white, denim and khaki green.  Love love love those combination of colors. You are suppose to paint your homes interior every two years to keep it fresh. I have repainted it each year for the last two. We repainted the two rooms that our daughter and granddaughter’s have moved back into. The floors are a soft, rich, warm, brown and the one room is antique white and the other is Indian Teepee brown. My daughter loves it, I love it and the rest of the house is going to follow suit. I am going to repaint it this summer but this time I am painting it a soft brown, with white, wood, and denim accent colors.  Redoing our floors in brown also.  I feel like I am  in the woods when I am in the color brown.  Love that look and feeling.  The world is a horrible horrible mess and I keep painting my house.

  I sound trite on here but super heart sick about the evil in this world, abroad and here at home.  Praying intensely, often, but still going to paint and make our little world soft and beautiful.  

  Being in love and the color brown, from the sand on the beach to the bark on trees and everywhere in between, make for deep beauty inside and out. XOXOXO


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