A Place where time is not anymore.

I have been heartsick over my granddaughters and the emotional pain in their lives. The Dr’s words reminded me of two truths he stated again, that we all deserve hell and then that we are to be serious and sober but joyous.
God is in control in spite of all the bad. Today I am going to look for all the good in everything.
Ed is getting the greenhouse together outside. Looking forward to its completion.
Yesterday I sanded down the garden work bench and put deck stain on it to preserve it from the rain, snow, heat, cleaned out our spice cupboard, our bathroom sink, counter and mirror, the frig, inside and out, and now today I sanded down the lawn chairs and repainted them.
Got too much sun yesterday. I am getting a tan the likes of which I have not had since I was in high school, but so so enjoying being outside and working quietly and getting things done.
Talked to Faye this morning and things are finally going so well for her. Excited for all the good.
Jill is dying and won’t be here much longer. She will not eat anything and up until yesterday was drinking water, but will not even drink water now. I have loved a dog deeply like all people, but I do not want to get another dog. I want to go on a vacation from all things including heartache, sorrow, pain and death. I want to go where there is only happiness.
A place where time is not anymore, where fireworks are insinc with the music like Selah’s music is heard, where all is good. XOXOXO

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