Life and Death

  Early this morning before leaving for work I looked out the window and the sunrise was spectacular. I took pictures and then a little  while later after the sky had completely changed to a regular morning sky, I took off for work.  

Yesterday I was working outside and the  red vehicle, that  drives in and out of a place behind us, all the time, drove down the country lane behind our home to where Martha and Michael use to live.  I don’t know what is goin on down there but people drive in and out of there all the time around the clock. This morning, a couple hours after I left for work, this brunette and  her child pulled out onto 191 and for what ever reason did not look first and pulled right out into the oncoming traffic. It was a large truck with a wrecking ball. The guy tried to turn and miss her but  she was killed instantly.  It was so horrific 4 of the men, officers and fire department guys were throwing up from what they saw.  Jake, our next door neighbor told Ed that he heard on the news that the child will be ok.  

  I do not know why I have such a sweet life, but this I do know, I love my husband, I love the precious friendship-relationship we have.  I am so so thankful for the peaceful quiet life we have been blessed to live.  

  I am thankful for the reality that I belong to the one who set this all into being-motion.  I want to stay in the center of His perfect will and continue trusting Him right now and leave all the cares of this life on HIS “shoulders”  XOXOXOXO

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