So deeply quietly excited for this week.  There is a counseling conference-seminar…not sure what title it goes by so just guessing on my part…. but I took off from work to go to it.  I have been thinking about the reality that for a person to get counseling they have to talk to someone and tell them what is wrong and then the counselor tells them how to fix the problem based on Gods word. At least I think that is how it works.  I know very little about it all. But , and that’s a big but, lol…..when we started going to Grace I could not put into words all that was wrong inside me nor could I have told someone because I was broken. There was not a person on the planet I trusted to tell them anything about me.  B4 the Dr. I could not even take in what a preacher said because my maze inside me protected me from the pain and lies and cruelty of words.  How would you tell that to a counselor.

 Not the most complicated maze could stop the Drs words from going to the very center of my existence.  His words brought healing to the point where my switch stopped shutting off, making  me numb to the pain.  I always feel now, I never stop feeling, and even in the sorrow of pain I keep on feeling.  Love is so amazing and so precious.

  But I wonder what this conference will be like compared to the Dr’s words.  I had a question I asked God b4 I went to the conference in Indiana and it was answered by a counselor whose last name is Green.  I have a question this time concerning my granddaughters.  Will see if I hear the answer.  

  I am beyond thankful that this will take place right here and that we won’t have to travel, stay in a hotel etc etc.  What absolute luxury to have this be in our “home” town. 

  I am deeply in awe of the mercy, kindness and goodness my existence is blessed with.  I was born into this evil world, I was broken and now I have been set free, given life, kindness, peace, love, hope and all my basic needs and more are met on a daily bases. How blessed I am. Here’s to another day of giving back, being a blessing and Praising The One True God, who chose to make me whole and complete.  

  How many words I could write to describe the goodness. SOOOO thankful He knows it all and more.  I just go with it.  XOXOXO


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