The School Teacher

 Cody accepted a  teaching position at a school in Montana  where at least half of the students are native American Indian students. They arrived this evening and are at their home. We are leaving early in the morning in our truck, pulling Perry F. trailer, loaded with their belongings.  The home is dusty and needs cleaning b4 they move in so we will clean b4 moving their stuff in.  

  I was talking to a woman today whose sister and her husband taught their for a few years. She said they loved the kids but it was heart breaking as the parents , for generations are alcoholics and it just passes on from generation to generation. Maybe the gospel will start changing lives. Will start praying.   

  I am looking forward to seeing the country side and where they are going to live.  

  So much going on. Tired and need to get to bed earlier so we can leave early in the am.  Will write about this week,,God willing, when we return.  XOXOXO

  PS.  Bev H. told me she had left eggs in her car for a few hours and wanted to make Quiche for company. I told her the eggs should be fine.  She told me she will bring me the hospital bills if they all get sick.  I told her to eat a piece for me so if they get sick, I will be in the hospital with them. LOL  Have not seen her since.  Here’s to hoping they all are just fine.  Won’t be at church tomorrow so won’t know if they survived or not.  XOXOXO



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