LL Bean and everything in Between. :-)

 With school starting next week and knowing the girls needed clothes I told my daughter I would like to go shopping for clothes today and see what we could find. We left early before she had to be to work.  We agreed to try a couple thrift stores and if we did not find anything I would buy new.   I did not want to go to the place I volunteer as people in real need need to get the free clothes.  Found Keelee a  perfect pair of sparkly blue jeans, slim fit and new.  She wore them this afternoon and evening she likes them so much.  Then we went to Good will and hit the jackpot.  Name brand clothes from LL Bean, in darling little girl dresses.  Lizzie does not like pants but LOVES dresses.  I did not know they still made classic little girl dresses like we found today.   From LL Bean to  Gap and everything in between.  We had them try them all on. The ones they did not like we put back.  The girls loved the clothes  and Karen was thrilled.  I spent less than a hundred dollars and the styles are amazing.  Praising God for such an inexpensive way to buy clothes.

  Karen went to work and I took the girls to Costco and got them a fun food at the  Costco “restaurant”. Headed home and washed clothes. 🙂  One darling dress has flowers sewn on it and a small stain above the flowers. Going to make the same flower and sew it over the stain and it will be perfect. It is in corduroy.  I am so so so thankful for this provision. Karen is taking the money she had saved and buying them new boots, gloves, leggings, tights and underthings.   Their Dad buys them clothes for when they are with him so they have double wardrobes.   Divorce is horrible. So beyond my control, but thankful for beautiful clothes for this year.  XOXOXO


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