Spent this last weekend with all four of our kids and their families, in Park City.  Cody and Erica bought a washer and dryer from Sears. Harry hauled the washer and we hauled the dryer.  I am thrilled they bought new and have those now.  If I could have only one appliance it would be a washing machine.  What luxury!  

  There is a small steer down the road from Donna being raised for meat. His name is Patty O Burger.  He is a beauty of an animal.  The girls loved petting him and mooing at him.  We took many walks and Lizzie found a pile of squirrel bones under a tree.  Karen and the girls collected the bones in a small plastic bag because Lizzie wants to be a scientist.  She is an artist in her genes but loves all things about bones.  🙂

  Uncle T gave Zach the Tilton Hilton. We pulled it to our place and Ed will take it to Zachs next week when he goes up next weekend to hunt.

  Our green house is humid, warm, tropical feeling.  So thankful.  We have lots more peppers that grew this last week.  Need to go to town this am. Promised Lizzie I would meet her for lunch for her first day of school.  Cole has school until 6 on Tuesdays so we are picking the girls up from school and bringing them out here for dinner and then Cole will be out to get them.

  Missed church Sunday so going to listen to the Dr’s. sermons on line b4 going back to work Thursday.  

  I have read Romans 8:28 so many times…this weekend I have been reading it all the way to the end of the chapter.  Getting it into my brain the reality of this life.  Love that this life is only a vapor……. when I am overwhelmed by the horror I meditate on the reality of this life being a vapor and eternity never ending……

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