For the love of people

   Went to a meeting after first service today on mentoring.  I have never been mentored. I have tried to love and mentor my daughters. I learned some practical realities today. I am not a mentor but want to learn about the words one uses for mentoring.  I was touched by the sincerity of the ladies who shared.  I was thankful to get the recommended books and cds to read and listen to learn the words.  

  Cody and Erica were in town for the weekend to care for Haddie while Arron and Tiff were out of town for their anniversary. Cody showed up at work Saturday evening just as I got off. It was so so good to see him for a few minutes.  Then after chruch Sunday we found them and talked for a bit. After I went to the mentoring class we went grocery shopping at T&C.  Turned around and saw Todd H. He asked me several questions and we talked.  Have not seen him in a long time.  I always wonder if he is a believer.  I hope so.  

  Met Cody and Erica at Costco and shopped and visited. Stopped and visited for a bit. Erica does not like her job.  Cody likes his.  Came home and worked in the green house. Took a nap and went back to church for communion.  It was late getting done. I went to help. A guy spilled juice!  A lady set the pitcher of juice down on the edge of the counter where I was and I stood up and my elbow knocked it onto the floor.  Real but unreal.  I am bad ju ju. Will not help again as I bring bad happenings.  

  I did not have peace about going to either counseling class or the Monday night study.  To big and impersonal.  Tonight Tanna invited me  to a small study at her home on Ephesians.  Yes Yes Yes….. It is during the day. I do not like going out at night. Looking forward to this deeply much!  XOXOXO

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