Mr. Charles H.

   A short time ago I read about a young woman, Brittany Maynard, who had a brain tumor and was going to kill herself on November 1 to avoid the horrible pain and suffering she would endure if she died naturally.  I read today that she did in fact kill herself on the first of this month.  She gave no indication that she knew about what comes after this life, and no indication that she trusted in Jesus Christ for eternal life. 

  Last week, Mr. Charles H. came through my line.  I told him that I see his name in the bulletin every Sunday. He told me he has a brain tumor and was given 9 months  to live and it has been over a year.  I can only imagine how many are praying for God to spare Mr. H from such suffering and pain and so far He has done that.  I told him I would pray more.  I think about him everyday now and admit I too am begging God to completely heal him and spare him from such extreme suffering.

I am thankful for my job for the fact that it has connected me to many people that I otherwise would never have had the opportunity to  connect with.  So thankful for that.  How much I have learned and still have to learn.

Praying for P. Jeremy also and the sorrow of the man he met who has been jailed because someone claimed their medicine was bad.  Jesus Christ is Lord, He is King and someday He will rule and reign and their will be no more deception of any kind, all will be right and truth will reign, forever.  No more lies, no more sickness, no more sin, no more horror, only good by God’s standard of good. XOXOXO

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