A day filled with Blessings.

  I have four days off from work each week. I go to town on Sunday and if possible stay home on Monday and Tuesdays.  I clean and do laundry etc etc on Monday.  I lost a filling in a tooth and called our dentist office today.  I prayed that I could stay home today and tomorrow but said nothing about it to the receptionist, just asked if I could make an appointment.  She got on the computer and said, “How about Wednesday at 12:00 noon?”  I thanked her and told her that would be perfect.  I do not have any pain, just want to get it fixed.  Thankful for the dental insurance I have through my job for Ed and I.  I sooooo wanted to stay home today and tomorrow.  So deeply thankful to stay home today and God willing tomorrow.

The left headlight was out in my truck and Ed bought the parts and light and fixed it. He was thrilled and thanking God for all the parts being the exact right parts and it works again.  We do not want to buy another vehicle until ours die. God has blessed Ed with the ability to mechanic them both from serious stuff to not so serious but still important.  Thankful beyond words for the luxury of a vehicle to be warm and get where we have to go. I have picked out another vehicle when my little truck goes to the truck grave yard.  If I have the means to do so, when I buy another vehicle I would love to take my little truck and have it restored.  God will direct when the time comes.  Love His care, provision and direction on how to be and what to do regarding all events of this live.

Winter is here. It is COLD.  Our wood stove is utterly wonderful.  The comfort of warmth is such a huge blessing.   Jerry wants hot chocolate now that it is cold.  When I go in Wednesday I am going to get him his favorite hot chocolate mix to add to his coffee.  Karen had bought a chocolate bar for my birthday cake, which we did not make.  So I just broke that bar in half and gave him half. I will give him the other half tomorrow and then on Wednesday bring home hot chocolate for him to sip by the fire.

Cleaned out my closet today. Had all the clothes I use to wear from when I was a school secretary.  I am SOOOO void of any dress up gene in my body and mind.  I boxed three boxes of clothes today and taking them to Love Inc Clothes closet.  I wear so few of the clothes I have compared to how many I have.  Ridiculous, maybe even sin.  I kept only what I have worn this year and boxed the rest.  I love simple, cool in the summer and warm for winter.  I LOVE all shades of the color brown and you can so see that when you look at the clothes I have been blessed to have.  So thankful for all I have.

I am going to California next month for Jeremiah’s wedding.  We are going to the ocean and some other places on the coast.  So looking forward to the trip. In this last year or so, Montana has become home to me, as much as any place can be home in this life.  I so look forward to whats coming, but after last nights baptismal service, I am reminded of how wonderful it is that the rapture has not happened yet.  Praising  God The Father and His AMAZING Son!!!!!!!!!!!!!  xoxoxo

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