Monday quotes ( that I read this past week)

” Where there is the possibility of love, there has to be the reality of freedom and therefore the possibility of pain.”   Ravi Z

“Solitude is a necessity for a creative Life”  Stampington’s “Where Women Create”

“What you seek is seeking you”  Rumi

I was looking for truth for years and Jesus Christ who is the Truth was seeking me. That is beyond comprehension, that He would want me but it is true.

Today I have a day of quietness.  I am around so many people at my job and have learned to engage with people, but I LOVE the times when I can be alone and have solitude.

I have love in my life.  I love and I am loved.  The deepest pain is in seeing the pain my granddaughters have from their parents divorce.  My parents were married but divorced emotionally and  all the pain from that to their actual divorce brings tears up inside me. How deeply painful this life is.  Deep deep deepest pain.

Yesterdays sermon was much about the coming kingdom and the perfection of it.  Amazing what is coming.  XOXOXO

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