December 2014

We are leaving for California next week for my nephews wedding.  Everyone is so excited.  I wanted to take a blender for my green -fruit drinks. I thought about buying a blender at Target and Ed suggested I get a Bullet. I checked on line and they are $80.00  on sale for $49.99 .  I decided before buying new to check Good Will after I left Costco. HA as Nbpb would say. they had a Bullet with all the extras for $17.99.  Standing right beside it was the guy who checks all their electronics and he said it works great.(He shops where I work so we know each other.) Another women who shops at T&C was there and she joined in and told me her daughter has the same one and told me how it works etc etc.  It was God!  He knows how much my body is nourished by simple whole foods and that taking a Bullet-blender to a hotel would be the perfect way to eat on this trip.  So so thankful. Thrilled as always.

Then I asked Phil, my brother about dress for the wedding. His wife is wearing a skirt because their soon to be daughter-in-laws, grandparents, prefer women in dresses.  Char wore jeans to Cody and Erica’s wedding and I thought about wearing jeans but asked.  I decided to wear a skirt and no one will be offended.  I found a perfect classy straight black, slit up the front so its not so frumpy 🙂 and it fits perfect, skirt.  Also found black ankle high skeechers boots. Va va voom. I LOVE this style of boot. Watched a Christmas movie a few years ago and star had these kind of boots on. Killer cute, classy. Then I bought a book on fashion and the girl who wrote it wears these boots LOTS in her photos and in her drawings.. So there you have it. We will be with family for 7 days and spend two days at the ocean. I LOVE my family and I will soak up the ocean. 🙂 Crazy excited inside.

Meanwhile back here, right now, my hubby applied for a job in August. He went through 3 interviews and started working in November full time but they hired him as a sub so he had no benefits ect. On his fourth day of work his boss approached him and asked him if he would apply for full time permanent. It is a union job so even tho he had already applied for full time permanent, since they hired him as a sub he had to reapply all over again, He figured it would be a long drawn out procedure again and waited several weeks before deciding to reapply. This time he resubmitted his app online and they called him two and a half hours later with an appointment for an interview, scheduled two days later. That was last Wednesday and yesterday, Tuesday, they told him he was hired permanent full time. We are thrilled and thankful. He cannot get off to go to the wedding as he is too new on the job. But I will go down there knowing he has a permanent job, and he is very satisfied with it all. He has a good fair boss and his immediate co-workers are hard working fair honest men. SOOOOOOOOOO thankful!  We both have jobs in this crazy messed up world.

I learned from the Dr. to stop thinking like an American and start thinking like a Christian. What a sweet reality to be set free from such a horizontal view and go on this trip free from sinful worry.

Our oldest son Zach, graduated from Butte tech last Friday. Praising and thanking God for our amazing, Godly sons and their precious wives. We are blessed beyond any ability to measure it all. Zach had job offers from Portland to Minneapolis to Santa Fe and many places in between. He did an internship with Chevron in Taos, New Mexico. Excellent company to work for. They offered him a job, but want to train him as a manager, and he would live 30 miles out of Oakland, California for 18 months, then move to another big city for 18 months and then move to another big city for 18 months to learn all the stuff there is to learn as a manager. The pay is fantastic but he did not want to move his kids to those hell hole cities. So he turned down Chevron and also turned down Colstrip and said yes to Sheridan, Wyoming (after interviewing with each one and others also in Minneapolis etc etc)  Well, Colstrip turned around and matched Chevrons offer. Sheridan had a clause that they or Zach in the first 90 days could call it quits with no repercussions. Sweet!!!!!!!! Zach said yes to Colstrip, no to Sheridan and Chevron.  They will be 35 minutes from Cody and Erica.  Amazing and praising our provider GOD.

I am going to California stress free. My life inside out is a new person from the Drs teaching. I am thrilled and deeply thankful. I would write all the change, but God knows it all. That is another one of my favorite things about God. He knows everything. No need to explain anything ever.  I have learned the secret to this life. Confess my sins of selfishness and pride daily. Meditate on the reality of Gods inability to lie and meditate on all the reality of all we have to be thankful for, no matter the external.  Our external is so amazing right now. So crazy thankful.

Faye called while I was writing on here. When I get back from California, always God willing, we are going to get together.  So looking forward to this month and life and eternity.

I am so deeply in love. I was a sinful, broken selfish messed up human being and I have truth and my life is filled with love.  Amazing reality.  XOXOXO

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