December 2014-lll :-)

  Perhaps I will write a December IV…. But I am adding to this before the first of 2015…..if it comes for us…..if we aren’t home yet.  Only our precious Heavenly Father knows…..

On the second night of our trip to California, we had stopped for a rest stop and the guys bought some coffee.  We had just gotten back on the interstate a few hours before getting to our hotel, and Zach was driving.  Cody and Erica were in the back seat and I was riding up front with Zach. We were in the far right hand lane with a semi in front of us. A semi pulled up beside us and then pulled over into our lane as if we were not there. Zach with total calm pulled over onto the shoulder like it was where we were suppose to be, as calm as ever. We were doing between 50 and 55 mph. He slowed and let the semi get ahead. Who ever was behind had to of seen what happened as they stayed back and let us back on the interstate. NO ACCIDENT,  nothing bad, it was surreal!  I thought about two people who had said they would pray for our trip.

I especially wondered about this trip if we would live or die with all the driving we did. It was not Gods will for us to die.  The week before this trip the reality of the line in the verse, “…to die is gain…” became real to me. How wonderful to leave this life for obvious reasons. But at the same time, I thought about my two little granddaughters that I have every other week and how much they love to be here and know that I love them and they don’t want to leave when they have to go. God knows all of this and it was not our time to die. Thankful to be alive and here still, especially for Liz and Keelee.

Found out at work this week that the newest girl is a believer. Of the last two girls that have been hired, the first claims to be an atheist and the second one is a believer and one of the preachers she listens to on the radio is the Dr.  She told me yesterday that “his teaching is so clear and she can understand….”   I was thrilled to know she listens to the Dr. and is hearing truth.  She quit listening to another preacher because she did not agree with all he was teaching but she agrees with the Dr. Love that she recognizes truth.

I stopped by the store after church this am and she was working and she asked if I had just gotten out of church. I told her yes and that it was another amazing good sermon!  She just smiled. XO

I LOVED this mornings sermon! I am going to listen to it more than once. So much about the Father and that THE SON is the exact-express image of the Father. If that was not totally deep inside me, after this morning it went into the deepest part of me. I LOVE hearing about God the Father.  This is all real, forever. I literally belong to Him, He literally loves me and wants me.

On a totally horizontal level in this life Ed called me before I got home and reminded me that he needed slippers. Our floors are cold and the grand girls new puppy chewed his up. He asked me if I would mind going  by Big R so I stopped and they had his size in the kind he likes. They fit perfect and he has toasty warm beautiful feet.  I LOVE that my husband has small feet. I know it does not matter and having feet are wonderful but since he is my husband, I’m just sayin, I love small feet as opposed to not small feet. LOL

Ok….. Enough I think for 2014.   I LOVE YOU XOXOXO

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