The Music and Creativity ….December 2014- IV

  Heard a beautiful song in church yesterday.  Your Majesty by Aaron Shust. I had not heard it before that I am aware of. My sons played music on our trip but I did not connect with any of the music. My oldest son is a musician. He hears a song and can sing it note perfect afterwards. He has a perfect ear for music. I enjoyed his quiet singing to the music as we traveled when we weren’t talking and laughing. So enjoyed being with my kids.

I love that the teaching and music at our church both, have the depth and meaning for life that equals above and beyond, experiencing the living and existing of life. What a treasure.  All the highlights of our trip did not surpass Sundays service. I love that.

I feel new creativity in my mind and am thankful beyond words for our trip and getting to see my Aunt Bonnie, brother and family and all we experienced. XOXOXO

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