Your Majesty by Aaron Shust

  Looked up the words to this song. Beautiful words, reality and truth. As much as I would never ever again play in church or be apart of any worship team, I still love good music.   This song  has good harmony and beautiful truth to it.  I am not going to retype the words on here as one can easily look it up online on any computer. But it is worth looking up and meditating on the truth of what it says and thinking about the reality of it. 

I work in a public place and heard a few weeks ago about a group of people  complaining about the music at our church.  I have tried the last several weeks to encourage our music pastor by thanking him. But I think it takes alot of people to counter the complaints. We hope to move out of this valley sooner than later and when we do, I doubt we will hear such good music again and I will miss it, but I will never ever in this life do any kind of worship in any church as the worship leader picks the music and they can use it for other vises beside actual worship and God help the person who plays music in church for any reason other than worshiping and honoring Him. 

I am so thankful the Dr’s. sermons are online as no matter where we go we will always be able to hear his sermons.  Music is not that way. People want credit for the music they write so therefore, for all the copy right reasons, we can’t hear the music played at Grace, where ever we may end up. I burned out on listening to music which is amazing considering how addicted I once was to it. So thankful to be free from it.  But since they play music in church it is good to have true worship in music before the sermon. To much music gets old really really fast, but I could listen to the Drs preaching for hours and except for a sore bum, I would just keep soaking it up. I LOVE learning and “seeing” that God the Father is  Just like His precious Son.  LOVE that reality forever.XOXOXO

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