What Everybody Wants in Life.

   Love love love the reality of life from the one who created life.  I love the truth I heard yesterday. Reminded me of the three perspectives-ways to live the Dr. told us abut some time ago. Personal integrity, peaceful spirit and eternal perspective.

Just going to type out the highlights…

We need to get stronger in our new life…don’t coast…..

Eternal life starts now…..it is a quality of life…not quantity

Heaven is my mental occupation…..love that it is going to be AMAZING!!!!!!

It is attitude of course! 🙂

Jesus Christ governs my life….precious preciousness

Being in Love with God the Father is the cure all to getting caught up in this broken lie of a life and world.

I just realized deeply last Sunday that the Father is exactly like His Son…totally and completely. The picture I have of them from listening to the Dr. and learning about Him these last ten plus years was perfect to making the above..being in love with the Father….an absolute reality!

LOVE this truth that we are HIDDEN and the Security of it. that is what our forever will be…safe with Him forever.

LOVE this truth also that He is not just a bunch of wonderful beings to us but He is actually our very life.  XOXOXO

And always I have loved this because I want to be with Him and I love to ride horses!  Revelation 19:14…..Reminds me of the song…behold He comes riding on a horse…..We will all be riding….. I wonder where those horses will end up?  Will they need to be cared for or will the perfection include animals…horses being self reliant?  I don’t know but I loved the sermon and the truth of it all. XOXOXO

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