Faye, books and a teacup.

  My girlfriend Faye was in town today so she messaged me and I called her back. She cleans a Doctors office on 19th and wanted to know where we should meet. I don’t eat out at restaurants except when we are on vacation BUT I always am up for a trip to the thrift store.  She loves thrift stores also so we agreed to meet at Good Will. My hubby gave me 20 bucks so  I stopped at The Thrift Store on the way in and found some great books and spent three bucks which left me 17 bucks. 

  Faye and I both LOVE books and they have books out the wazoo at Good Will.  I went to the book section knowing when she got there she would find me there. We connected and went through the books together.  I love to check the art section especially. I found an amazing book by a women who does textile art with a sewing machine.  Exquisite art to say the least!  I can no longer call myself an artist compared to her. I am just someone who enjoys the arts. She is an artist!

I found a little book also by Charles R. Swindoll entitled “The Gentle Art of a Servant’s Heart”  I started reading it and it brought tears to my eyes. The whole book is illustrated using Vincent van Gogh’s art.  The writing is soft and gentle and beautiful. It reminded me of the Dr’s gentleness, humility and kindness in his teaching.

To think that for-ever we will live with the Lord Jesus Christ and His absolute authority and gentle kindness and total complete love never ever ending.

I was thinking about God the Father and that He is just like His son or rather His precious son is just like Him. But Jesus has a body now and God the Father is in spirit form. I do not know how that will play out for eternity, but of course they know and I will find out then.

I have always used heavier dishes because I like them. I think going to Lucerne, growing up and eating on the dishes we ate on there and the happy memories I had from there gave me a love for that type of kitchen ware. I found a beautiful set of those kind of dishes from The Thrift Store in perfect condition a year or two ago. There are 15 to 20 plates. I do not remember as I lost count BUT with care they are not chipped or broken and they are another soft tan shade of brown which I love.

Today Faye and I were looking in the glass case and there was a perfect little teacup and saucer. I asked the clerk if she would let me see the price. She graciously did so and it was $12.99. I had 17.00 dollars left so I put back the books I could live without and bought the tea cup and saucer.  I looked them up online as they are American made. RIght now they are 29.99 for the set on sale from $40 something.  I could not handle china it is so delicate. I would waste so much time and effort being careful so it would not be practical on any level for me to own china. Nor would it be right to spend that kind of money in this life. But it is beautiful. The set I have is called Pink Spray. It is by Theodore Haviland New York.  I looked up the prices of a set and it was over 600.00 bucks. I thought about the joke the Dr. told in church a bit ago about the guy bringing a suitcase of gold to heaven and they asked him why he brought  pavement? China, will be of less value than pavements-gold so I am not going to buy a set of china. I will just enjoy this delicate little set with its exquisite pink rose spray on it. I set it in my art room on top of my art cupboard. It will all burn up someday but until then I appreciate its beauty.

I was driving home as Ed was driving to work and we waved at each other.  So thankful for my wonderful kind good hardworking intelligent husband. I am thankful he limits on my spending at a thrift store. We have fun when we go and I could buy so many books.

So these are the books I bought…. an English sentence structure book  as I have become lacks in my writing and words and I love English. I Love reading English books.  I am a book nerd actually. LOL  But I love good books. Lets see….I found a brand new Mary Engelbreit spiral bound Journal for 50 cents. A Hard back book “The Art of Annemieke Mein  Wildlife Artist in Textiles. WOW! TALENT!!!!!

I LOVE house plans.  I think about the home the Lord Jesus Christ has prepared for me in heaven. I found a book of 100 Turn-of-the-Century House Plans.  They are classics like Lane and Christie’s home.  So so so so so cool. I love the style and plans. Anne of Green Gables type. Except they are actual house plans. What if in heaven our home is what we loved here in  style and architecture?  It will be better but so excited to find out. What if in eternity He comes to our homes to visit.  Amazing thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I found an unused brand new Precious Moments coloring book for 50 cents for the girls. Also found one of Walter Foster’s How to Draw & Paint  Horses.  Lizzy is an artist. She already has perspective and understands dimensions in art without being taught. She will loves horses and will be thrilled with this book.  Also found a Graph Paper Masters book. Full of different graph pages for copying. Unused, new for 50 cents. I love using graph paper in my memory cards.  I could get lost in books. Like I said, thankful my hubby says just 20 bucks instead of making it a free for all. LOL

Good night XOXOXO

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