I work part time in a grocery store as a cashier.  This last week an older woman came through my line and paid with a check and she wrote her drivers license number on her check. I saw she was born in 1935 and commented on the fact that she had seen a lot of history. She said she had. I told she should write a book. (Amazing where a conversation can go) She told me she had. I asked her the name of the book and she said, “Unrepentant”  I had a knee jerk reaction internally and said gently but unashamedly,without missing a beat, “Oh, I am repentant.”  She asked, “Has it done you any good? and I said, “Oh Yes! Praise God!”  She just smiled and said “Well good.”

I looked it up online and she sells her book at the Country Book Store on Main Street here in the town where we live. She is 80 years old and like my aunt in California, acts mentally and physically like a 40 year old. Totally unaffected by aging except for her physical appearance. I have not read her book, but want to check it out.

I would be lost completely and totally without repentance. Praising God for making repentance available through His Son’s shed blood and death on the cross. XOXOXO

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