Some Very Good Wonderfuls Today…..

Being in Love; Paying Taxes; Girlfriend Time with Faye; New cookbook that has four items or less per recipe and The Simple Country Wisdom Book.

I want to  paint the cupboards in my kitchen and have wondered if I should do black or white. My girlfriend Faye has the ability to make any room look like a spread in a magazine. She recommended I do white cupboards with pewter clam shells for the hardware and do just the island black.  I saw both colors in this book I bought and agree with her totally.

I saw another beautiful tea cup and saucer but did not even ask the price. Crazy how wonderful looking at flowers and color makes one feel inside. LOL  I think that because I am so crazy happy and in love that it makes everything magnified in intensity.

I love the time Faye and I have together. We have all the same interests and have known each other for many many years so we have a history together besides so many of the same likes. thankful for each time we get together and connect, relax and just do the state of being. XOXOXO

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