The Dominoe Effect of Trusting….

  I stayed home last Sunday and did not go to church as I knew my husband needed to deeply rest as he was getting sick and if I am home he can rest deeply and not be disturbed by Jerry etc etc.  I missed church.  After he woke up and a couple times since then we have talked about listening to the and other preachers. 

I can hear other preachers now but rarely listen to any others as I just prefer listening to the Dr. But my husband found a preacher on line and I listened to him today and loved his teaching.  His name is Zane Hodges and he is in heaven.  Our Dr. teaches book by book where as Zane H. teaches topically.  I learned about propitiation from the Dr. so listened to Z.H. on that topic today.  I learned what judicial payment means from the Dr. so I was able to take in and understand and hear what Zane H said.  It was wonderful.  I love truth and I love hearing and understanding truth.   Precious. Forever I am indebted to the Dr’s words and teaching for setting me free to be able to hear and take in the words of preachers.  Two adjectives Zane H used….. Magnificent and Overwhelming. So thankful forever! XOXOXO

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