What Happened on Thursday 1.15.15

    I have so much going on each day it is to much to write about it all. LOVE that God knows it all.  Crazy love that truth.  Three biggies……My boss asked me if I would start working on Mondays so I said ok. I worked this last Monday and so did not want to be there but gave it my best. But there were plenty of workers and I realized I was not really needed and my boss did not schedule me for next Monday and told me today I do not have to work Mondays. Not sure what it was all about but do not want to be there more than three days a week.  I have noise burn out from all the noise in my work place.  Meditating on Gods word keeps me at peace in spite of the noise.  God gives the ability to do what we have to do. So thankful.  SO looking forward to the day when I get to say adios. Very thankful for the job and all I have learned about life but so ready to go.

Was told today that the Dr. will be speaking to some students regarding a certain country’s connection with the Bible’s end times and was asked to pray for their time together. It will start right when I get off work tomorrow night, but started praying today that they will see and hear and be changed by the Truth through the Dr’s words.

My precious daughter’s family all got sick with influenza and now she has it bad!  Her hubby goes back to work on Tuesday so I am going to their place on Monday and take homemade banana bread, pumpkin pies, and chicken soup. She is beyond thin and needs nutrient dense food and so needs to gain some weight. I am going to church, and rest Sunday and leave Monday and  God willing, and be back home Wednesday to go back to work on Thursday.  My sweet kind wonderful hubby who works full time will hold the fort down here.  I would take Jerry but do not want him to catch anything.  If no one has had a fever for a few days there, I may take him with me. Will see..  I wish we lived closer to my daughter and her family especially in times like this so I could help and she just rest.  God cares even about this and tho I do not know, maybe He is working out the details as I am writing.  Heaven will be perfect forever. Just have to get through this life until then. XOXOXO

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