Two favorite spots and a road trip….

  Last Sunday I stayed home from church to make life easier for all concerned. This Sunday my daughters boss was sick so she worked to cover for him and we had our granddaughters. They were asleep, Ed was asleep as his work schedule has him working nights and he gets home early in the morning and is to dead tired to go to church. Jerry was awake and I thought I should stay home so when the girls wake up I can be with them so Ed can sleep. I thought about how life is easy just staying home but one of my two favorite places to be is at church. So I gently told my hubby I was going to church and left it all and went.  Found out when I got home that Ed had woke up as soon as I left and the girls love their grandpa and when they woke up they were fine of course being with him and Uncle Jerry. 

I love going to church. I love that for me it is a place to go and sit down, no performance is required, no talking allowed, just listening and absorbing the truth to live out life on a daily basis. It is literally a sanctuary for me of rest and quiet and nothing is expected of me except to worship and praise God as I learn about His character and His truth.  Crazy thankful to live right here and have such truth to hear each week.

My other favorite place is my art desk-art studio-servants quarters. Pretty nice servants quarters if you ask me. 🙂  With my hubbies job he started late last year, he is gone in the evenings so I have a time to stop and sit and think and do art.  I love quiet, I love peacefulness and calm. When the girls are here they love to come in with me and play on the couch and under the desk while I sit at it but the week they are gone it is just me in there and uber quiet.

I am completely burned out on noise from life and the place I work. I never even listen to music any more.  It is all noise to me anymore.  In heaven I will have forgotten the noise of this life and be renewed and ready to hear music again until then the sound of water from a creek, to the ocean to the Dr’s living water are the few sounds I enjoy.  I have found another preacher, Zane Hodges, that I love to hear too. I am purposing to listen to a sermon of his three times a week. I love his preaching and I want to learn more.  LOVE LOVE LOVE the truth and its life changing ability and the total real hope and intense joy it brings to the mundane  day day life we live.

My other favorite thing is going on a road trip….. Had a GREAT road trip in December to California and my hubby has three weeks vacation this year and I have two, so we are planning a road trip, just the two of us and where we are going, all God willing always. We have it all planned and so looking forward to it if God wills it to be so.

Happy Happy Monday….. Girls left for school and going to their dad’s tonight. Hubby going to work so again, God willing it will be a quiet evening to listen to a sermon and spend time in my art room

I am not leaving for my other daughters until tomorrow morning so have this entire day to stay  home.  Called my girlfriend and told her I have to much going on to get together for thirft store and coffee. She understood.  Good friends do that understanding thing. 🙂  Love life…love being in love,  love belonging to God and being right where we are right now.  XOXOXO

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