Monday’s Quote

  If there is anything better than to be loved, it is loving.   Anonymous   

Years ago I bought a spiral bound wedding book guide at a thrift store. I glue art paper and pictures into it and when It is done you will never know what was underneath it all. It is like us…. forgiven and covered by the blood and His righteousness so that the Father does not see what we use to be.  Today I was looking for an art journal ad I had glued into this book and found it. I realized that the page next to it was still uncovered.  The back ground is soft brown with white roses and the above quote is written over it. All my life I wondered if it was better to love or be loved.  I only fully understood in the last year or so that as wonderful as it is to be loved, being in love and being able to love and trust is the very best.  XOXOXO

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