My window vapor …..

  Nancy died one week ago today.  I have seen life from birth to death on a bigger scale working where I work. I see Moms pregnant and their babies be born, grow and I have seen older folks get old and die. But Nancy was not old per say…she was 69 but vivacious, seemingly healthy and a leader. She and her hubby were happy…..she loves to sew, garden and was religiously political in the republican party.  I asked her if she went to church and she did not. Not interested in the life that was coming, just the here and now. And now she is not here and the reality she is in now is her new reality forever. 

Yesterday at church the Dr. spoke of the reality that this life is a vapor.  Here today and gone tomorrow. I am so thankful to know the truth and the reality of what is coming and to belong to HIM!

I heard a song on the show Person of Interest.  I really like Jim Caviezel’s. acting in the Count of Monte Cristo, Person of Interest and DEJAVU.   I looked the song up on the internet  last week.  It is a song re written from an old Frank Sinatra song New York New York. The girls voice is great and the rendition is highly charged emotionally.  I use to be addicted to music and was literally set free from the addiction for which I am very thankful!!!!!!  I can literally live without music.  As old fashion as it sounds I love old hymns for their completeness musically and for the meaning in the words.

I have a new favorite for “modern” Christian music and that being, Tree 63’s Blessed Be Your Name.  I have now heard another that I really like, I believe the title is People Wait… not sure but it is a beautiful song and I love the words.

Reminds me of some of the songs I wrote after I became a believer-Christian.  One song I wrote, when I play it on the piano, I always start crying.  Last week I sat down and played for about a half an hour and played that song and did not cry.  Only God knows my heart and reality. How amazing what is coming for those of us who believe in His precious Son, Jesus Christ.  I have no sorrow that my vapor is so short….My forever with HIM will never ever end.

All the people I love, the places I love and the feelings I love will be forever in eternity. So so thankful to know to live for what is coming and not just the here and now window vapor..

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