Doctors and Surgery

  Our daughter is 20 pounds underweight and kept getting sick each month and losing more weight.  She went to the Dr. yesterday and he found the problem. Her uterus was prolapsed and she is having surgery next week to have it removed.  It is too long to describe all the problem, but the good is that it can be fixed and she will be well and not get so sick and be able to eat and gain weight again.  Sooooooooooo thankful. They have excellent insurance through our son-in-laws job.

I do not trust the medical profession.  I am deeply thankful my son-in-law is a surgical tech.  He works at a surgery center and he knows the good Drs. from the untrustworthy ones and he hand picked the Drs we all see and connect with.What a blessing from God.  God knows all of them and what a scam some of them are.  I can’t say enough about my thankfulness for our son-in-law. He has told us how many of the surgery’s people have done are unnecessary.  While on the other hand some are very necessary.  Thankful beyond words to have his wisdom to trust in our lives with the medical profession.

I had to go it on my own when Jerry had his brain injury. I still know I made the right decision but am thankful to have Lane in our lives for so many good reasons, and the medical part especially.

Thankful for today!  Sunshine, warmer and good Health. Who knows what the future holds but thankful for Jesus Christ and His salvation, love and gift of life. XOXOXO

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