Wow…just wow!

  What a week.  Two events stick out in my mind. First one….. My nephew fell 60 feet rock climbing and not only is alive, he has no broken bones. His skin was torn on his forehead, arms and legs. One of the people with them was an EMT and she kept water on his loose torn skin so that when they got to the hospital it was moist and alive so they could reattach it to his arms and legs.  Still praising God he is alive and well. Not  dead, broken or  paralyzed.  So so thankful for that reality!  

Found out my credit score is super high. Read in a business magazine about the best way to maintain good high scores on your credit is with loans and credit cards. I prayed about using credit to buy a really good camera and asked God what I should do. He answered immediately in my mind….. Owe No man anything and Godliness with contentment is great gain for we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can take nothing out. I rest my case and business mags be quiet. I will get a good camera if and when I have the cash and not before.  I love not being in debt and there is nothing I want, not even a camera, that makes me want to get into debt

All of our kids are together this weekend at our oldest sons home. They will have such a good good time! Would love to be there but did not go. They will all be here next weekend and  I need to save my time off for when I may need it again for what ever. so working tomorrow and staying home with this next four days off. Going to church and sewing three stick horses for my little granddaughters who will all be here next weekend.

My daughter in law sent me pictures of their beautiful home and her painting and interior design. Absolutely perfectly beautiful.  Ours sons are so blessed with the precious wives God brought to them. So  so so love my in law kids the way I do my own kids. Blessed beyond measure!!!

One more work day and my work week is over again. XOXOXO

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