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Its Friday night. Have not written on here since last spring. What a year this has been.  Something happened I never thought could happen but wished so  so much for it and thought it would take death and a new life before it would ever come to pass.  I had scar tissue on the base of my neck and on my skull from the intense head injuries I had from a car wreck in 1975.  Only God and anyone else who has this kind of scar tissue knows the pain, headaches and nausea it causes. I did everything I could to avoid the pain from eating right for your blood type, the shoes I wore, exercising carefully, the way I slept, and on and on and on. On October 15, I was hit from the rear end in another  wreck.  This time I had on a seat belt and the airbag deployed.  It was the perfect wreck. It totaled my truck and shredded the scar tissue in my neck and skull.  Crazy wonderful amazing, never ever did I think such a perfect wreck would or could happen. Only the Creator of this universe could orchestrate such a perfectly designed wreck. 

I could go on and on about it, but one of my favorite things about God is that He knows it ALL and I don’t have to say any more than that. I don’t think there is a wreck that could fix my neck and back, but they do not make me nauseated like this other did.  I use to wonder why my life has had the events it has had both physical and emotional, until I learned from our precious Drs. life changing teaching, that we all deserve hell.  That so changed how I view the past.  So not to bring up the past other than to say, Last October changed my life radically again for the good.  I am so  so so beyond words and description, blessed. 

So here i am writing on this blog again.

I bought a Stampington magazine over Christmas vacation.  “Where Women create Business”  I love this magazine.  It is pure inspiration and all the ladies blog with their business. I myself doubt I will ever own my own business but it could happen, never say never.  I don’t want a business per-say but I would love for it to naturally spill over from a hobby such as a farm or bees, honey, candles, from the overflow of what would come from just working on a farm.

What I want more than anything right now, besides the temporal fun of going on vacation, is to study even more the amazing preciousness of Gods word.

We have the best of the best of the best preacher and he makes learning and understanding Gods word just what Gods word says, “Sweeter also than honey and the honey comb”.  Growing up I did not know why our life was such hell, and now I do not know why God has chosen to make life so so good but it is His plan and I love being on purpose because of His plan.

It is Friday night. TGIF literally!  I love the weekends. Our son, daughter-in-law and grandson arrived last night for the weekend.  I have the next three days off from work.  Have some art projects I am working on.

Have done some new art each evening this past week from an art book on Zendoodle that my other daughter-in-law gave me for Christmas. I thought about it today and am going to try an other way to do it to make it my own. I love the way this first one turned out.  It is limitless all the ways there are to draw but each one is going to have a Bible verse that has gone deep inside me from the Drs. teaching.

I could write so so much but only going forward…..The phone rang at work today while I was waiting on a customer. I stepped back to answer the phone and dropped my reading glasses, stepped on them and they were history. LOL  I left my soft favorite pink ones in Colstrip over Thanksgiving. I NEED reading glasses. I have been checking them out but most are so UGLY and I love being a girl and love soft pretty not big bold black and overwhelming. Where I work we have a freebie box by the time clock of stuff that goes unclaimed after so many months and it gets taken to the thrift store when the box gets to full.  I ran upstairs when I had a moment and prayed that there would be a pair of reading glasses.  THERE was!!!!!!!!!!!!! Same amplification as the ones I stepped on and I like them even better than the ones I stepped on.  My entire life from big stuff to the small stuff is proof positive of Gods total loving kindness to me over and over and over forever. From setting me free emotionally to not being afraid of Him, to not be afraid of love, all the way down to a pair of pretty, reading glasses in the junk box at work.

I was inspired by a women in this magazine I bought, in so many ways and decided to blog just to remember. I don’t like to write with my hands as I write so small and it takes effort to write big enough to reread what I write. Typing is so simple fast and easy to read. So should anyone read this, it won’t grab your attention or keep you here but I am going to write just to remember the sweet goodness of everyday life God blesses us with from the sweetness of being loved, to the sweetness of loving, to life changing car wrecks clear down to reading glasses and all the things that happen in between.

This I know, I could not live without loving, being loved and I could not read or type with such ease and delight without my reading glasses. XO

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