Life and Death

Last Monday a snow storm was heading our way. My hubby needed an MRI in another city. We decided to drive a little out of the way to see our daughters family, drop off some groceries and clothes,  as they live in a very rural part of this big state so we left earlier in order to not be rushed. Half an hour  before arriving at their home we received a phone call asking if we could be at the hospital-clinic by 1:45 as we could get in earlier than the scheduled appointment of 6:00 pm. Dropped off stuff at our daughters,  did hugs and love and then taking off again, we made it to the hospital and walked in at 1:43.  We were so thankful!  We were done and out of the hospital by 3:00 and home again by 5:45.  The storm did not hit until later that evening. We woke up to a solid 8 inches of snow on the ground Tuesday morning.

Tuesday morning, further west of here, a young mother who works for another distribution company at the same establishment where I work, was driving her three children to school. Driving over a bridge her vehicle slid on ice, careening them into an oncoming semi. Her middle child died at the scene and she and her other two children were hospitalized. They all lived and are out of ICU, but the Mom and youngest child are in shock and not able to process this reality.  The sorrow and pain are beyond comprehension.

A couple days after their wreck I read this on the back of a mans t-shirt where I work.  Pressing Through Serious Devastation… acronym for PTSD.  Knowing it can take literally years to process the shock from death if one does it on their own, and hoping and praying for the physical and  spiritual help  Vanessa will need to heal from this shock.

The reality of life and death this week, the intense sorrow, and the way timing works out on a Monday, and then the destruction from a winter storm on Tuesday…. just going through the act of living each day, holding my husband even closer, being thankful for life, and knowing life can change in a moment, makes me so deeply deeply aware of how blessed I am at this moment and time for something so seemingly mundane as  my daily routine and all that makes it happen.

Knowing how precious life is, how precious love is, how precious to be healed emotionally to love and be loved and to know how fast it can all change and believing our great God is in control and knowing He can bring the best out of the very worst brings hope in all the sorrow this life holds.

Being thankful, being present, giving all we have to those God has blessed us to love and to make life the best it can be on a day by day existence with deepest gratitude is precious.

I am so deeply thankful for the family and friends God has deeply deeply blessed me with. This week has been the deepest reality check to keep on, every moment of everyday, in every word and action to love and live for eternity, as we do not know whether the next moment will bring life or death.

The reality of loosing a friend or child in death reminds me all over again of how much our great God gave in the death of His precious amazing Son, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  Praising Him and thanking Him for eternal life, forever!  John 3:16 XO

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