20 More Happy Wonderful Realities.

  1. Hot Baths
  2. Fine Point Pens with Black Ink
  3. Well Water
  4. Running Water
  5. Warm Sweaters
  6. Light Bulbs
  7. Kids Calling Home
  8. Computer Printers
  9. Sermons that give clear truthful understanding
  10. Hot Water Heaters
  11. Passion Planner
  12. My Job
  13. Knowing how much we have to be thankful for
  14. Warm leggings
  15. Soft Gloves
  16. Our Overstuffed Comfy Chairs
  17. Pillows
  18. Wood Heat
  19. Flower Scented Soy Candles
  20. The ability to read and write. XO

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