Reasons to be thankful

  1. Honest automobile mechanics
  2. A parking space when you need one
  3. Porchlights
  4. People who are lights
  5. Our amazing immune systems
  6. Childhood dreams that come true
  7. Razors
  8. Shoulder massages
  9. Blessings to count
  10. Jesus Christ, the real Hero
  11. Freedom from worry
  12. Freedom from hurt
  13. Freedom from bitterness
  14. Galaxies of Stars
  15. Our Ransom paid
  16. A wet cool cloth for a fevered brow
  17. Well stocked grocery stores
  18. Custom paint mixes
  19. A large pot of homemade soup.
  20. Fathers who hug and kiss their children
  21. Snake Bite kits
  22. Standing still and letting God fight your battles
  23. God providing someone with whom you can share your deepest hurts
  24. Restored souls
  25. The hope of  dwelling in Gods House forever
  26. Listening more than talking
  27. Enough money to help someone in greater need
  28. Relationships that promote excellence
  29. Clean windshields
  30. Windshield wipers in a snow storm
  31. Soldiers who return home safely from war
  32. Remembering what you studied
  33. Removing a splinter
  34. A room of your own to deeply relax in
  35. God providing persons, places and things for which to be thankful for, unending!


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