Community in a Ghost Town

This past late summer early fall our oldest daughter called and asked to come to their home for Christmas this year. We have been looking forward to this Christmas even more than usual.

Our daughter told us we would be going to the Christmas Eve service at their church in a Ghost town, in Buffalo, Montana.

All the buildings are boarded up, except for the church and the parsonage. We drove their Saturday evening, Christmas Eve. The church is a hundred years old, well maintained and beautiful, but the real beauty are the saints that meet in this building and the Pastor and his wife.  It was such a precious real time of community and connecting and you knew the Holy Spirit was alive and present.

Before the service the Pastor and his wife introduced themselves, asked our names and then told us what was going on. Each family went up one family at a time and had communion with the Pastor and then he prayed for each of us by name. All the years I have gone to church and all the Pastors I have heard, never have I been to one like that with such personal connection. I did not know such connection could be made like that.  I have grown and changed so much so it is probably me but I would move there in a heart beat to attend such a church and be far away from the busyness of city life.

I deeply want to leave this rapidly growing city.  If God would let us I would move in a heartbeat!

What a precious Christmas and connecting with our kids and grand kids. XO

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