Keelee’s Miracle Fall

Over spring break our daughter and her family rented a condo on the beach in San Diego, Cal. One evening my daughter opened the full size window to let in the ocean breezes and sounds.  Our almost 6 year old granddaughter, who was sitting in front of the window, stood up, lost her balance and disappeared out the window. There were people down below who stayed with Keelee while Karen ran downstairs. When Karen got to Keelee, Keelee stood up and said, “That felt like I landed on a pillow, Mommy” They took her to the hospital and had her checked out and she did not even have a concussion. She had black eyes, scraps and bruises but no other injuries.

I held her the following week and looked at her precious beautiful face and you could only see a pink spot above her left eye where the scratch had been. Underneath her eyes looked, to a discerning eye of a grandmother, like she had a bit of darkness from food allergies, her black eyes were that healed already.

Karen took a picture of the spot her face implanted into the ground. On the right side were walking stones and on the left were two large boulders. They also measured the distances she had fallen. It was 20 feet.

Praising the one true God who chose to protect and save Keelee’s precious life.  XOXO

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