The Letter C on a Coach Purse

Today, I took our voter ballets into the court house. Since I was “deep” in town, I decided to hit a couple of thrift stores.  I have been looking for soft pink silk or linen fabric. I found some on line for $56.00 a yard. I want it but do not need it so will not buy it for that price. The fabric  at Jo Ann’s is not the right shade of pink nor is it silk or linen, so the next place to look is thrift stores in the women’s X Large plus sizes.  One can take a large dress with lots of fabric, deconstruct  it and make it into a new article of clothing.

I drove to Good Will to look for soft pink fabric but only found  pink in harsh  polyester colors, no silk or linen.

Good Will has rearranged their store and when you first walk in the glass counter showcases  high end purses. One of  my beautiful precious, keeps me young, daughter in law’s introduced me to Coach Purses.  Sitting there in all its perfection was one of the few Coach purse designs I seriously love. The price was so right!  But, I do not like to wear logo clothes or purses as they can appear pretentious and I would never buy them new and do not want people to think I would spend that much money for a purse. I also do not want to live life caring what people think.  With the letter C all over it I knew I was breaking one of my personal rules of not wearing or using designer logos for their pretense. I must be a real snob! But as  I handed it back to the clerk the thought went through my  mind, two of your most favorite human beings names start with the letter C.  I got all soft inside and bought it.  I love perfect purses and I now own a Coach purse with the logo C all over it and will use it with quiet enjoyment.

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