If God got bored with His Amazing Grace.

A friend and I have been visiting churches to satisfy our curiosity to see and hear the differences between preachers.

The last preacher we listened to, for his conclusion, he said he wanted to see God do something He had never done before. He wanted all the churches in this valley to lay aside all their theological differences and come together in unity.

When he said that relief went deep inside me that God does not get bored doing the same thing over and over and over in taking sinful broken people and making them new and that He did not get bored before changing my life. That is my favorite thing He does even though He has been doing it for thousands of years. So thankful God isn’t looking for something else to do besides forgive, heal and change sinners like myself via the precious blood of His Son.

As for laying aside our theological differences, I quote Dr. Bryan Hughes from Bozeman, Montana.  ” Theology and doctrine are basically the same thing, which is our beliefs about God and salvation and other important truths. Therefore if we throw out all our theological differences, then we are throwing out the very things that are at the core of our beliefs and our lives.”

Amazing Grace! XOXOXO


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