Bio: My love for photography and the idea of an online photo journal, inspired by the magazine, "Artful Blogging" brought me to this place, making a blog on the computor. Years ago I walked into a photography studio with my older brother and the photographer offered me a job. I accepted and fell in love with photography, putting wedding albums together and the beautiful way a picture says a thousand words, literally. In 2011 my husband bought me a digital camera and I bought my first "Artful Blogging" magazine and was hooked on the whole idea, even overcoming my lack of computor skills, to set up a blog, thanks to " Word Press". A little history. I am from San Fransico, my once in a life time husband is from Reno. Nine years and four kids later we set out on a journey and moved to Montana. It has been quite the journey. Four weddings, four in-law kids and 8 grandkids later this journey turned into a wonderful adventure. Life has brought me here and my thankfulness for God's kindness is eternal. I set this blog up to have a photo journal of life and when anyone should visit it, I hope it brings a smile to your eyes and hope for living the everyday life on this journey we have been blessed to take.

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