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Keelee’s Miracle Fall

Over spring break our daughter and her family rented a condo on the beach in San Diego, Cal. One evening my daughter opened the full size window to let in the ocean breezes and sounds.  Our almost 6 year old granddaughter, who was sitting in front of the window, stood up, lost her balance and disappeared out the window. There were people down below who stayed with Keelee while Karen ran downstairs. When Karen got to Keelee, Keelee stood up and said, “That felt like I landed on a pillow, Mommy” They took her to the hospital and had her checked out and she did not even have a concussion. She had black eyes, scraps and bruises but no other injuries.

I held her the following week and looked at her precious beautiful face and you could only see a pink spot above her left eye where the scratch had been. Underneath her eyes looked, to a discerning eye of a grandmother, like she had a bit of darkness from food allergies, her black eyes were that healed already.

Karen took a picture of the spot her face implanted into the ground. On the right side were walking stones and on the left were two large boulders. They also measured the distances she had fallen. It was 20 feet.

Praising the one true God who chose to protect and save Keelee’s precious life.  XOXO

My Beautiful Amarillo morning

The sunshine looks and feels like a slice of lemon this morning. I looked up the word Amarillo and found out it means Yellow.

My Aunt Bonnie controlled everyone and everything around her when she was alive. She hated the color yellow so I was not allowed to like it. Her favorite colors were Purple Blue and Green. Those three are crazy beautiful but as my dear Aunt rolls over in her grave I love the color yellow in the sunrise and the sunset and its everywhereness in sunlight, freedom and quietness.

My beautiful Amarillo morning! XO

I Illustrated my first book, ” We Found the Sea.”

In 2017, my daughter asked me to illustrate a book for her. She had written down some of the things their family did on their trip to the Pacific Ocean. After reading it I told her I could put it into whimsical poetry form and then illustrate it. She said to go for it. I started writing it and she loved it and the rest is history.

Our book has been printed by Ingram Sparks and our first copy was mailed out today. We should receive it within 5 business days. It has 54 illustrations and written in Poetry form…

….We went on a trip, my sisters and me. We left the high mountains, to go find the sea. Along the long way, we passed through the sand, We stared out the window, The glass met our hand…

It tells the fun story of all they did on their first trip to the Pacific ocean alternating days between the ocean and days going to the zoo and theme parks with pictures of the ocean, cities, sand castles, whales, dolphins, zoo animals, beach houses, sunsets, sunrises, mountains and much more.

My granddaughters will have this storybook tale to remember this trip to the ocean….

….One storybook journal, with adventures so fun, One trip to remember, by the sea, in the sun……..


Prayer is action that builds a bridge across the chasm of self-assertion to a life of humanity; which means getting more interested in and excited about what God is doing, than in figuring out what I can do to express myself or improve the world. Eugene Peterson

Relying on God has to begin all over again everyday as if nothing had yet been done. CS Lewis

For the word of the cross is folly to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God. I Cor. 1:18

No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him. John 6:44

The Lord your God is in your midst , A Mighty One Who will save, He will rejoice over you with gladness, He will quiet you by His Love, He will exalt over you with loud singing. Zephaniah 3:17

Gods Attributes All Knowing All Powerful All Present


Gods Mercy All over again.

A series of events made it necessary for me to get a Deep tissue massage and an adjustment. My back and neck were injured-cracked in 13 places in a car wreck and it affects life for me. We found a chiropractor, Able Chiropractic and he puts your bones where they need to be for maximum well being and usage. So much so I was able to pick up my almost 2 year old granddaughter with no ill effect. I was feeling so strong I thought I could do anything my muscles had the strength to do. On Monday I moved my garden bench-table to weed and plant in my green house and the weight of it put me out from my neck to my tail bone.

By today, Thursday I hurt enough that I could not think or concentrate. Last week my daughter and her family went to the Massage place in the mall and got a massage. My daughter said it HURTS but it WORKS even more. I took a Personal Day and went in and requested a 30 minute massage. It HURT but my muscles relaxed enough that I then went to Able DC and got adjusted and walked out feeling like a new body again.

In Able DC there was a track I read while I waited for Mr. Rick to finish with another patient. This track claims it is a true story about a man who died in ER and was taken to the morgue where he woke up and begged to speak to a preacher. He told the preacher he went to a room where demonic beings were hurting him and then they opened a door that went out to a lake of fire where people were screaming in torment etc.

He asked the preacher what he had to do to never have to go back to that place again. The preacher was shocked that he wanted to be saved. The man asked him why preachers do not tell people about hell and the preacher said, “People do not want to know about hell.” They think they will party and have fun in hell when in fact they will never see another person again and will exist in torment forever.

The gospel is the true story and only way to stay out of hell. We are all sinners. There is only one way to heaven and that is trusting in Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY way. There are millions, perhaps billions of ways to go to hell. Religion damns people to hell. We cant be good enough to work our way to heaven and you cant be bad enough to not be forgiven by Jesus Christ shed blood that paid the payment for our sins. That He, Jesus Christ, rose from the dead is proven historically and is why we can trust Him for eternal life.

Why some of us find this precious truth and know Jesus Christ is the only way, is Gods mercy alone! Today reminded me all over again of Gods mercy, care, love and guidance for this vapor of an existence. XO

Dyeing with Avocados.

I found out from Stampington Magazine, Somerset Studio that avocadoes make a BEAUTIFUL soft pink dye. I successfully dyed silk and cotton this last weekend. Perfect!

How I did it…

Take 5 avocado pits, cleaned, and the skins from same avocados, cleaned, and put them in a pot of water. I used a 5 gallon canning pot. Cover and bring to a boil and then reduce the heat, (I have a gas cook stove) and simmer for 2 hours.

I took each piece of fabric and dipped in cold water, completely saturated each piece, and then dyed each one, one at a time, in dye bath for approximately 15 minutes. I put each piece of fabric into the washing machine and ran all four through a complete cycle and then dried the cotton fabric on low heat. The silk I hung outside on the clothes line.

All four turned out BEAUTIFUL!

I am making a wrap sarong skirt out one of the cotton pieces.

Only God could make a green avocado make soft pale pink dye.

Broken Jaws

Today, I talked with Theresa, again. She has a son who was in a Ski doo accident-wreck and his jaw was completely destroyed. They have been trying to make a new jaw using his hip bone. The surgery was successful a few months ago. Today, she told me his body is rejecting the bone implant and they have to figure out what to do and the pain and suffering continues in his jaw and all the serious problems that come from not having a jaw that works.

A classy older gentleman came through my line, also, today, and made a comment about how wonderful it is that we have food to eat. I have been thinking about how wonderful it is to have hands and feet that work and to not be paralyzed. We talked back and forth about how blessed we are and he then shared with me that he has a little granddaughter whose jaw grows on one side but not the other. His exact words, “they (the surgeons) have to fillet her face and add bone implants to keep up with her body growing. She will have that for years to come as she grows not to mention when her body rejects the bone implants.

I praise God for the simple broken bone in my jaw that I can eat and live without surgery ever again. I praise God for His mercy in gently breaking my jaw like He allowed in the wreck. What a merciful gracious kind Heavenly Father. Why He was so gentle in getting my attention compared to the suffering of this young man and this little girl.

Only God knows why and how. I praise and thank Him for His Precious Sons life and death on the cross and His shed blood and saving my lost broken sinful soul and giving me eternal life. Praise and Thanks to the King of Kings, our Precious Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

How to feel better by tomorrow.

Homemade chicken soup broth (simple recipe to follow)

Dr. Jordan Rubin’s Probiotics (Purchase at Rosauer’s in Huckleberry’s on back wall in refrigerator section.

Chicken soup

Purchase one whole Bare Chicken (Town and Country sells them)

One large crock pot

Rinse chicken and place in crock pot.

Fill pot with well water or purified water, (NOT city tap water as it has been treated with chemicals for purification and destroys the enzymes and probiotics in your food).

Cut up 1 to 2 whole onions in half or fourths and place in pot.

Add 1/4 cup of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar to pot. Cover and cook on high at least 7 hours. Fill soup mug and let cool enough to  drink the broth.  (Cook up to 24 hours for maximum nutrients for healing the gut and what ever ails you.) XO

Buy from Rosauers or any health food store, the 5 day, Garden Of Life, Probiotics. Take one scoop per day for 5 days. By day two you will start feeling alive and well again after taking this broth and probiotics. Works for young and old alike.

Get Well Beloved XO

Faith is the Victory

This old hymn was going through my mind when I woke this morning.  My husband, such a rare and precious man, told me last evening that praying the hosts of heavens power is the answer to what is happening.  Amazing peace knowing God is in control.

Precious truth,   “Angels watching over me, every move I make, Angels watching over me every step I take.” Amy Grant


Because you exist

We spent another weekend with our children. Our youngest son told me he was making another music DVD for me. I asked only that the music  be Christian, as secular leaves a deep void and vacumn that sucks the life out of me.

Some of these songs I had never ever heard.  There beauty fills me up inside and gives me crazy crazy heart and life to know how blessed I am to be alive, to love and feel love and belong to the un-God of Acts 17.

One of the songs Cody bought and recorded on this DVD is “Sleeping At Last” by Ryan O’Neal.  His  GIFT of music and poetry is complete! Precious to have ears to hear such a song and words and to know love.

“You taught me the courage of stars before you left

How light carries on endlessly even after Death

With shortness of breath You explained the Infinite

How Rare and Beautiful it is to even exist

I couldn’t help but ask for you to say it all again

I tried to write it down but I could never find a pen

I’d give anything to hear you say it one more time

That the universe was made just to be seen by my eyes …..

I couldn’t help but ask for you to say it all again

I tired to write it down but I could never find a pen

With shortness of Breath

I’ll explain the infinite

How rare and Beautiful it truly is that we exist.”     Ryan O’Neil

God, His love and those He brings into our life so we realize  how deep rare and precious love is.  I would live my life over again just to know and feel what I have been blessed to know and feel.  Thank You God.  How alive I am.